The Butcher, The Takers, & The Money Makers

Deep in Kentucky's Red River Gorge (RRG) lies a cabin — a cabin that houses missing pregnant teens whose newborns are sold for large sums of money.  A serial killer, known as the Butcher, with a lust for human flesh collaborates with the Black Market Syndicate  (BMS) to dispose of any girls who are not sold after giving birth.  


Recently retired Chicago Police Detective Paige Hunter moves to Wolfe County, Kentucky with her 15 year old daughter to start a a new life after being diagnosed with MS and losing her husband.  Within a week of opening up her ice cream shop, she is pulled into a homicide of a teen who recently gave birth who has escaped from the RRG cabin.  As Paisely digs deeper, she'll find out that the BMS is bigger than just Kentucky and her husband's death is connected to them.  To find the truth, she'll have to take on the Butcher, The Takers, and The Money Makers.