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The Devil Lives In Tennessee: The Paisley Hunter Detective Files (Book 3):
After the brutal death of a close person in her life, Paisley Hunter becomes obsessed with solving their murder. She'll travel to Western Tennessee to find the truth.  What she finds opens up a Pandora's box of hell.  Now on the run from a BMS  rival crime organization, she gets some help from an unexpected source. 

What if your life could be saved without the need for a doctor using a smartwatch and a nanosurgical AI device injected into your bloodstream?  MedTechFutures joins forces with other insurance companies and the US government to collaborate on a life-saving device that's free for everyone.  However, not everyone is optimistic about the device and the incentives of those involved being benevolent.  Two reporters, Nero Happy and Pamlina Striker are not buying "for the benefit and expansion of human life."   As they investigate the LifeTime watch being strapped to anyone that wants one, they start seeing the real purpose behind the device and nanosurgical AI.  As they get closer to the truth, the government, the insurance companies, and MedTechFutures plan on shutting them down before the truth gets out — one way or another.  

Ancestry: Rise Of The Protectors (Book 2)
The search for the third Magica continues in this exciting second installment of the Ancestry trilogy.  Two years have passed and Emma has become a skilled Magica under the guidance of her grandmother.  Her father is getting married and her sister and brother are off to college.  However, evil never sleeps as Nuabani is back with a plan to control the Magic realm and restore power to himself for good using animal protectors.  Will evil win?  Will the last Magica be found to help restore the balance?

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