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The Devil Lives In Tennessee: The Paisley Hunter Detective Files (Book 3):
After the brutal death of her fiancé, Paisley Hunter becomes obsessed with solving his murder. She'll travel to Western Tennessee to find the truth. What she finds opens up a Pandora's box of hell. Caught in a war between the Black Market Syndicate (BMS) and the Red Devil Entrepreneurs (RDE), Paisley must avoid being killed as she faces off with crooked police and an RDE enforcer known as the Grim Reaper. 


The Last Farm Girl of Bees Bonnet, Tennessee
Jess Vires was a one-of-a-kind girl who had big dreams of leaving the farm and traveling the world, but life doesn't always work out the way you plan. Married at fifteen, to the love of her life, Catfish Merriweather, and left to care for the family farm and her sister, Jess grew up quickly.  Although life was hard, and there were many losses over the years, Jess stood her ground and kept her family farm going until she died.  

After her death, Jess' firstborn, Piller, a spry 64-year-old with a heart condition, is left with the task of deciding what to do with the family farm, which will impact the lives of his sister and brother. This choice causes much conflict within him, considering how he and his mother left things when he left home after graduating high school. As he comes to terms with his regrets, things become more confusing when a big memorial by the community brings to light just how great the Last Farm Girl of Bees Bonnet, Tennessee was.

The Nine Lives Of Christmas: A Cat's Tale
Since 1944, every 10 years, a white cat has shown up during or near Christmas time to those needing comfort and extra support, impacting all those who meet him. He is never known by the same name and never says past December 26th. For the cat, his journey takes an unexpected turn, where the reason for his existence and purpose will be revealed in his 9th life, 90 years from the date he first appeared.



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