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The Fire & Brimstone Bourbon Trail Case

The Fire & Brimstone Bourbon Trail Case

Put aside everything you think you know about witches.  They are not ugly, hooked nosed, green skinned, hags with plans to eat your children – at least the majority of them.  A young witch (barely over 264 years old) named Prudence dared to be different from her witch sisters.  Despite being disapproved by the Witches’ Council, Prudence was determined to become the first of her kind to be a police detective and bring her mother’s killer to justice.  When the Abysmal Kentucky Police Department opened the door for a witch police recruit, an opportunity presented itself to fulfill her dream.  Little did Prudence know that her first homicide case as a rookie would lead her to her mother’s killer.  Along with Detective Simon Mitchell, Officer Kari O’Donnell, her sister Aggie, her grandmother Millicent, and her cat Gus, they take on the Dark Covenant known as the DC.  The DC is ran by rogue witches who are responsible for the distribution and control of the highly addictive Fire and Brimstone (F & B) drug.  As their leads take them down the bourbon trail, they discover that the DC has more than just drug distribution in mind – they have deadly plans to eradicate humans and take down The Witches’ Council.  With the odds against her, Prudence uses her magic and her detective skills to show that she has what it takes to fulfill her destiny.


In the sleepy little town of Swallow, TN, the Precious Memories Antique store contains antiques connecting the present to the past. The store is about to have its first-ever female owner in over 145 years. Lisa Joy Blackberry just graduated college and inherited the antique store from her great-great-grandfather, Cecil, whom she has only met once in her life. As Lisa Joy first realized when she was twelve years old, the store’s items and their connection to people are magical and enlightening. The question is what makes her connect to the objects — is it the object, the person the object is associated with, the family gene, or a combination of all of them that causes Lisa Joy to travel to the past? Lisa Joy will discover how people can learn from the past to help set their current path on a better journey, including her own. As she learns to understand her gift (its origins and capabilities) and make a future for herself, a mysterious man with the ability to travel to the future threatens her happiness and her family and friends. Will Lisa Joy have to sacrifice her happiness? Will she become a victim of a desperate man who seems lost in his own past and cannot move forward?

Ancestry: Awakenings (Book 1)

Magic, passed down from generation to generation through three different families from an extinct tribe, is now at the doorsteps of an unsuspecting family.  Danger lurks everywhere as an evil tribal chief, Nuabani, banished to the dark abyss, seeks revenge against those who stripped him of his magic centuries ago.  Since the banishment, Nuabani has aligned himself with others who will stop at nothing to return all the magic to him, even if it includes harming or killing innocents.  One person stands in his way – one of the descendants of the tribe who wields the magic known as a Magica.  Unfortunately, time is running out for the Magica, who must pass her magic to a descendant whose abilities must be awakened.  Unknowingly caught in the middle is Dr. Logan Tompkins, a renowned child/adolescent psychiatrist, trying to raise three children after recently losing his wife.  


Soon after his wife dies, Logan’s daughter Emma begins experiencing nightmares that eventually manifest into psychotic-like behaviors.  Hoping to find answers to help his daughter, he moves his family to Virginia.  There he discovers that it is not just his daughter with unexplainable psychotic behaviors but several other children admitted to the psychiatric hospital where he works that experienced the same sudden onset of symptoms.  Like Emma, none of them have a history of psychosis or predisposing conditions that would explain their behaviors.  As Dr. Tompkins digs into his own family’s past to save Emma, he will come face to face with his connection to Nuabani and the Magica.  Will Dr. Tompkins find the answers and strength to save his daughter and other children and embrace his ancestry?  Can the Magica save the world and find the next descendant before it’s too late?  

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