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Life growing up in King County, KY was not easy for Richard or his sister, Kentucky Shine.  Both grew up being exposed to domestic violence, their father's infidelities, their mother's codependency issues, and substance abuse in the home.  In the end when each of their parents become ill and begin to die, will Richard and Kentucky Shine be able to forgive their parents?



8-year-old Emma Tompkins is next in line to inherit magic ... only she doesn't know it yet.  Before she can become a Magica, she begins to experience ongoing nightmares and psychotic-like behaviors. As an epidemic of children with psychotic behaviors like Emma's begin to manifest and spread in Virginia, her father, Dr. Logan Tompkins, sets out to find answers.  As he searches for a cure, he finds the answer isn't in modern medicine but in understanding his family's ancestry. This leads him to a connection to a banished sinister chieftain, Nuabani, from an ancient tribe who is set on revenge.  Will Dr. Tompkins be able to find a cure?  Will Emma inherit her magic and become the next Magica?



The story centers around the Bellenasto and the Garrison families who were once close to each other, but they have drifted apart over the years.  The families are unexpectantly brought back together when each have a family member die at the same time.  In order to save money and time, both families decide to have their funeral services on the same day.  Fortunately for them, the funeral home they chose is owned by Marshall Causeway whose business is struggling to survive.  In order to get their business, Marshall makes the families a really good deal to beat his competitor - the big corporate funeral company of Burroughs and Burroughs Funeral Emporium.  He promises each family as part of his new business plan to put the FUN back into FUNeral.  What is discovered as the story unfolds is that the Bellenasto’ s deceased patriarch had an affair with the Garrison family’s matriarch.  To make things more complicated, prior to getting married, the widow (Shelly) and widower (Stanley) were in a relationship.  Between Marshall trying to put the FUN in FUNeral and the bickering of the families, something will eventually have to give in this humorous macabre situation.  Will the families be able to forgive their deceased? Will the Causeway Funeral home be able to thrive in the new world? Will Shelly and Stanley pick up where they left off now their spouses have kicked the bucket?  What other family secrets will fall out of the closet?


The Fire & Brimstone Bourbon Trail Case

Put aside everything you think you know about witches.  They are not ugly, hooked nosed, green skinned, hags with plans to eat your children – at least the majority of them.  A young witch (barely over 264 years old) named Prudence dared to be different from her witch sisters.  Despite being disapproved by the Witches’ Council, Prudence was determined to become the first of her kind to be a police detective and bring her mother’s killer to justice.  When the Abysmal Kentucky Police Department opened the door for a witch police recruit, an opportunity presented itself to fulfill her dream.  Little did Prudence know that her first homicide case as a rookie would lead her to her mother’s killer.  Along with Detective Simon Mitchell, Officer Kari O’Donnell, her sister Aggie, her grandmother Millicent, and her cat Gus, they take on the Dark Covenant known as the DC.  The DC is ran by rogue witches who are responsible for the distribution and control of the highly addictive Fire and Brimstone (F & B) drug.  As their leads take them down the bourbon trail, they discover that the DC has more than just drug distribution in mind – they have deadly plans to eradicate humans and take down The Witches’ Council.  With the odds against her, Prudence uses her magic and her detective skills to show that she has what it takes to fulfill her destiny.


2019 - 2020 EXPECTED BOOKS

Keep A Watch For These Books in 2019

Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below are the books I am working on under my real name, Alan W. Hounshell for 2019.  Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.


November 2020

In the small town of Swallow, TN, an antique shop has stood for centuries making the lives of others better.  The unique relationship that one family has had with objects of the past has helped others looking for answers.  After all these years, the first female heir of the antique store is given the gift that allows her to connect to antiques that touch others' lives.  What happens next is a journey into understanding her past, present, and future.


August 2020

Newly divorced thirty-six-year-old Virginia Mary Ellen Archer is moving back to live with her parents with her seventeen-year-old son to little old Georgetown, KY. Feeling like a failure in life, Virginia decides to start over. However, her mother feels that it's her job to prod Virginia along, which also includes taking her to the very bingo hall were she was born while her mother was playing the thousand dollar jackpot.  As colorful characters with intriguing personalities from the St. Mark's Bingo Hall pry into her life, she will find lost love and re-experience old wounds and feelings that will make her stronger to deal with what lies ahead.




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