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The Paisley Hunter Detective Files: The Butcher, The Takers, And The Money Makers

Rated: R for coarse language and violence

Deep in Kentucky's Red River Gorge (RRG) lies a cabin — a cabin that houses missing pregnant teens whose newborns are sold for large sums of money.  A serial killer, known as the Butcher, with a lust for human flesh collaborates with the Black Market Syndicate  (BMS) to dispose of any girls who are not sold after giving birth.  


Retired Chicago Police Detective Paige Hunter has recently moved to Wolfe County, Kentucky with her 15-year-old daughter to start a new life after being diagnosed with MS and losing her husband.  Within a week of opening up her ice cream shop, she is pulled into the homicide of a teen who recently gave birth and has escaped from some place in the RRG.  As Paisley digs deeper, she'll find out that the BMS is bigger than just Kentucky and her husband's death is connected to them.  To find the truth, she'll have to take on the Butcher, The Takers, and The Money Makers.

Rated: R for coarse language and violence

Still recovering from her first confrontation with the Black Market Syndicate (a ruthless global crime organization) and almost being killed by a cannibalistic serial killer, Paisley Hunter, a retired former CPD Detective, now a private detective and consultant for the Kentucky State Police, continues to deal with a multitude of cases, her multiple sclerosis symptoms, and her buried emotional issues that test her limits.  Paisley is not the only one with issues as her daughter Kansas begins to address her post-traumatic stress associated with the Butcher ordeal, which has lately been causing her to hallucinate and feel extremely on edge.  


Life becomes chaotic when a mysterious woman appears out of nowhere, claiming she is Paisley's sister.  On top of familial stress, Paisley and her state police detective boyfriend are taking on counterfeiters and a serial killer strangling and crucifying women across the United States.  There are many twists and turns as things unfold and secrets are revealed, indicating everyone has a skeleton in their closet.


Who is this mysterious woman claiming to be Paisley’s sister, and what are her intentions? Who’s behind the counterfeiting operation, and why would anyone want it near Fester, Kentucky?  Will the Tree Crucifixion Killer (TCK) continue to leave a trail of strangled, crucified women in forests?  

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