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It’s February and I learned that Broadway will make anything into a show live, including the short lived Groundhog Day based on the movie with Bill Murray. So, answer this question: What do I want out of life? Depending on your age, finances, moral compass, life experiences, and some other factors, the answers are going to vary. Most of us want Maslow’s physiological (food, water, warmth, and rest) and safety needs (safety, security) to be met, but we never really try to go beyond belongingness and love needs to reach meeting self-esteem or self-actualization needs. I’m not saying we should all strive to be Mother Theresa, but we are more than we appear. As human beings we are capable of doing so many more good things than bad for ourselves and for others. Maybe that’s the Star Trek philosophy coming out of me again. But when you look into a mirror, who do you see? Do you see the person you used to be, wish to be, could be, or shouldn’t be? That’s why I write. It doesn’t make me a hero or someone that everyone identifies with, but internally it raises my esteem up and hopefully some part of my story makes someone else feel better for a while even if it’s in the form of escapism. Until next month. Dream a dream and act on it.